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New news

2009-02-12 13:41:26 by Todesbringer

so.... ääähm fuck... I forgot the shit I wanted to say.

... ... ... .. ... Oh yee I got it.

I draw now with a Tablett. So that´s all.

Mhhmm that news are to short... ...

Do you like porn???

I like porn!!
I always think the women do not have money for clothes, because they are all so naked.
Thats why they cuddle with mens and so they don´t freeze to death.

See yaaa

I´m new here

2008-12-29 22:41:20 by Todesbringer

Yes, it´s real. I make Flash movies now. They are bad and you don´t like it, but
I want to show my crappy shit.
Now something about me.
I´m 19 years old.
Is that awesome?..... YES IT IS !!!11
So enough of this.

I like to draw Furrys and other stuff.
I´m in a Marching band and play the drums there. I play Keyboard at home sometimes.

I like my Flash movies and that is good so.